Are you considering an office move in 2017? Here are our three favourite tips to keep your relocation on track.

Forward Planning

The average office move can take months to complete. You might know where you are going, but do you and your team understand how you are going to get there? From packing crucial documents to informing suppliers and clients, each task should be considered and planned for. Start from moving day and work backwards, make a note of everything that needs to be completed and when in the schedule it must happen.

A disorganised move is not only stressful for everyone involved; it can also result in additional costs. Will you stay with current service providers or switch contracts? If so, how much notice is required to prevent unnecessary penalties? Clarity on the details from the beginning will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Open Communication Channels

An office move can be difficult for some staff members. They might need to alter their commuting patterns or even relocate to another area. Be aware that this can lead to an upheaval in their home life, alongside the changes that are happening at work. Include them in discussions on important factors such as the expected timeframe of the move and the effects this might have on staff leave or normal working hours. You could even ask for feedback on other decisions such as the office layout and catering facilities at the new site.

Be Clear on Costs

There are many unexpected costs that can arise during an office move. It is important that you consider every aspect of where your limit stands and how you will adapt should an unplanned expenditure come into the equation. Do your research on the different options and how they fit into your budget. From removal firms to additional furniture for a bigger office; do you know how these additional expenses will fit around your existing daily running costs? It is also worth considering whether the move itself will have a direct impact on your turnover.

Be prepared and you will start your new era of business with a positive, rather than negative, impact on your business bank account. Contact us about our office move management service.