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After thirty years’ experience within sales and non-ferrous stockholding, Neil Tappin made the decision to take control of his future and established NGT Products Ltd. Neil had moved to Yorkshire in 1993, eventually settling in York for personal reasons in 2008. He fell in love with the city and the sense of community amongst residents and business owners alike. In addition to providing excellent customer service and great quality products; Neil wanted to ensure that NGT Products had a positive and productive impact on its local area. He is particularly keen to give young school leavers a chance of meaningful employment.

“I lacked application in academia and left school with no real exam results. But I quickly got a two week position as a messenger running paperwork to and from the British Embassy. This then led to a Youth Training Scheme position in accounts within the non-ferrous stockholding industry. I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to develop and want to be able to give the same chance to others. We also encourage all of our local sub-contractors to give access to young adults of all educational abilities.”

Neil and NGT Products Ltd also provide ongoing support to a number of community projects. From volunteering as part of the coordinated response to the Boxing Day floods in 2015 to becoming a SNAPPY 100 club member. As NGT Products Ltd continues to grow Neil is satisfied that the company will stay true to its priorities.

“I am driven to be the best I can be, to make a positive change. This is the focus as we continue to forge ongoing relationships with sub-contractors, clients and local projects. I am very excited to see us all grow together. ”

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