Our recent blog post with Managing Director Neil Tappin highlighted that we are driven to provide meaningful employment in the local area. As well as securing Yorkshire based contractors whenever possible, one of our long term business aims has always been to take on young school leavers through the apprenticeship scheme. We are pleased to say that 2017 was the year that we achieved this goal! With the help of 3aaa, administration apprentice Chanelle joined the team here in the NGT Products office.

Introducing Chanelle

Q: What made you apply for the apprenticeship scheme?

“I had been working night shifts in a nursing home and was really struggling with the hours. I needed a job that fitted better with my partners nine to five hours but I had no previous experience in office work. That was when I thought about doing an apprenticeship.”

Q: How did you find out about the apprenticeships available in York?

“My partner found his through the GOV.UK website so I started there. That was how I found out about 3aaa and their apprenticeship schemes.”

Q: How did it work from your point of view?

“When you apply they (3aaa) ask you to come in for an interview, so that they can find out more about what you need. Like which parts of York I could get to on public transport and that sort of thing, so that they could recommend the right jobs. I got my first interview after about two or three weeks of joining.”

Q: What do you enjoy about working for NGT Products?

“Neil is good to work for. He makes me feel part of the team and I get treated with respect. I have hands on, practical experience which suits my learning style better. One of my worries about applying for the apprenticeship was that it would mean a much lower wage, but at my interview I found out that Neil believed in paying everyone the living wage. This helps me and my partner have a better life doing things that we enjoy outside of work.”

Q: Where do you see yourself at the end of the apprenticeship?

“Hopefully still working for NGT Products! Neil has said that he would like to employ more people on the apprenticeship scheme, and there will be the chance for me to take a position above the new staff members as someone with the most experience. It feels like this is a job for the long term.”