Previous articles here at NGT Products have often shown how a healthier and happier workforce can lead to increased productivity and lower levels of absence.

Medical studies have made a connection between prolonged sitting and a higher likelihood of being overweight, with some even suggesting a link with type 2 diabetes. (NHS Choices – Why We Should Sit Less) Modern jobs often require us to work in front of a screen, making sitting down for the large part of the day unavoidable.

Our range of sit/stand desks can help you address this issue directly, with the individual free to move between a number of positions as they work.

Sit / Standing Desks

Whether you are replacing furniture due to an office move or update, or are self-employed and want to make a simple change for your own benefit, then a stand-up office desk could be for you.

But we don’t just supply the products; we can also help you decide whether this is the best choice for you. Our team can visit your business, measure the available area and offer advice on the most practical options for your layout. We will also speak to you and your team about the reasons for using a sit/stand desk, identify any priorities or barriers, and make sure that the delivery and transition run smoothly.