Recycled Plastic Products

Create an attractive and welcoming outdoor space for people and wildlife with our hardwearing recycled plastic products. Each product is 100% Recycled plastic, 100% Recyclable, 100% Environmentally Friendly.

Benches & Tables

Create a visual impact with the Grand Canyon roofed bench or build an open air theatre layout with our range of bench boarding. The classic styling of the Tivoli range will fit easily into every setting whilst the modern, cubist design of Hyde Park makes it a perfect choice for the urban environment.

Picnic Sets

Recycled bench sets are a practical and easy to maintain option for picnic facilities. From the modern substructure of Stelvio to the rustic styling of the Eifel bench set; NGT Products have the perfect solution for your workplace, wooded area or campsite. Choose from a selection of colours to complement your outside eating area.

Planters & Sleepers

Create planted areas for both wildlife and visitors with durable and cost effective planters. Complement public spaces with the square Muscari model and hexagonal Vinca. Make the most of a smaller garden with a variety of raised beds, herb planters and even composting solutions. Recycled plastic planters are both attractive and durable in all weathers.

Sand Boxes

Splinter free and durable; recycled plastic is ideal for children’s play systems. Find sand boxes in a variety of shapes; from traditional rectangle to fun boat design. Or purchase the Thar sandbox system and build your own. Alternatively, the children will love getting dirty at the mud table with matching water pump platform.


NGT Products will solve all your fencing challenges with our range of plastic recycled fencing options. For a cost effective solution choose from round, square or cross profile posts that are easily connected with rope or wire. Keep animals secure with paddock rails or create a private space using the solid protection wall fencing.

Decking & Footpath

Build a slip resistant and fast drying area with recycled plastic footpath planks and decking. The wide profile of our decking ensures speedy installation while the varieties of lengths available make it a flexible solution whatever the area of coverage. We also supply plank support and piles for a safe and sturdy substructure.

 Ground Protection

Provide stable and weather resistant ground protection for car parking, storage or warehouse areas with our ground protection solutions. With fast water drainage and temporary or permanent options; recycled plastic is an excellent alternative to concrete and an effective way to protect grass areas during an event. Paddock slabs for exercise runs and feeding areas also supplied.

Bollards & Curb Stones

Clearly define outdoor areas with these recycled plastic bollards and curb stones. Separate pedestrians from traffic safely with the Diamond Head bollard, base plate and reflectors. The flexible use curb stones can be applied to any area where it is required to identify borders on public and private properties such as play areas and garden edges.

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